No Farmers     No Food     No Future

BAROBI Agro Ltd, a leading Agricultural Firm in Bangladesh, is committed to Produce and Delivering Solutions for More Efficient and Productive Farming.

At a Glace BAROBI Agro:

    Location:  Mazhipara, Buraburi Uniion, Tetulia
    Total Area: 280 Acre (Proposed Plantation)
    Factory Area : 2.5 Acre
    Yearly Production: 1,25,000 Kgs (Presently)
    Yearly Production Capacity : 5,00,000 Kgs year
    Factory Started: April, 2011
    Employee Status: 35
    Quality: Manufacturing Tea having Liquor Quality 3+
    Quality Certificate: National Tea broker, Bangladesh
    Export: Not yet started.