No Farmers     No Food     No Future


Cultivating the soil for food has always come with its own setbacks and challenges. But as the population of Bangladesh continues to grow and available lands dwindle, farmers brawl more than ever to increase yields and improve efficiencies, while conserving resources. Efficient crop production is essential to meeting the growing needs of the population.

Our Preparation

BAROBI Agro Ltd delivers solutions for various challenges facing the agriculture industry. Besides growing a handful types of vegetables for the domestic needs, it has a large 280 acre tea garden along with a Tea Processing Plant that has a yearly capacity to produce 1,25,000 Kg of high grade tea. Some of the salient points are:

    Location:  Mazhipara, Buraburi Uniion, Tetulia
    Total Area: 280 Acre (Proposed Plantation)
    Factory Area : 2.5 Acre
    Yearly Production: 1,25,000 Kgs (Presently)
    Yearly Production Capacity : 5,00,000 Kgs year
    Factory Started: April, 2011
    Quality: Manufacturing Tea having Liquor Quality 3+
    Quality Certificate: National Tea broker, Bangladesh